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“taiba farms”®

Online shopping is becoming more popular than the traditional shopping culture of shopping in person at stores. There are many advantages to online shopping. They include the easy accessibility to any product from any part of the world. At the comfort of your own home or workplace, you can save time by buying what you need when you need it.  No crowds to worry about or waiting in long lines. No pressure to buy on the spot or having to deal with aggressive salespeople. What makes it convenient for people to turn to E-commerce businesses is the variety of products to choose from. The online stores are always open.taiba farms” ® is an internationally acclaimed company that manufactures and supplies various food products with guaranteed high-quality specifications and supplies them safely and with simplified and valuable supply processes to meet the nutritional needs of global markets. taiba farms” ® provides online services through its 2 online platforms. The online platform in the English language has gained a wide customer base worldwide because of the top-quality products and excellent customer services provided. The on-demand delivery has proven to be convenient for customers and had made the online shopping experience a real joy.

After the huge success oftaiba farms” ®’s online platform (English version), it is with great honor that taiba farms” ® announces the launch of its Online platform in the Arabic language to be launched as a pilot in the UAE this month. This Arabic online platform service will be extended to all Arabic speaking countries within the next 8 months.taiba farms” ® emphasis the importance of online marketing and the role in plays in the success of its online platforms. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The service the online store will provide:

  • Catering and everything related to it. From renting tables and chairs to providing raw materials for cooking, to preparing exquisite dishes and meals.
  • Chicken, meat, and meat products. Bulk, Chilled or Frozen meat is available. The best Brazilian Top-quality beef, HACCP certified, and Halal certified! All taiba farms” ® products meet international standards. These meat and meat products are exported from taiba farms” ® factories in Brazil in bulk quantities for wholesalers, food processing factories, import/export firms and other businesses related to the food industry.
  • Fun Foods that include accessories such as the popular cotton candy machine and the home size popcorn maker. In addition to a wide variety of celebration cakes, muffins, crepes, and macaroons to satisfy all tastes.

The United Arab Emirates was chosen for the launch of taiba farms” ® online platform in the Arabic language because the UAE is an ideal place to launch any online business. It is considered a second home to all other nationalities, a melting pot where people from all over the world come and feel as one. This global country makes room for all other cultures to live in harmony there. A beautiful variety of rich culture, and diverse population. A real pioneer in the business world. The seven emirates that make up this beautiful country: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah are all essential to the success of this online platform. Try our new Arabic online platform today. A pleasurable experience for all our Arabic speaking customers. taiba farms” ® is a taste you can trust.

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