Refund & Return Policy

SHAMS TAIBA FOR CANNED & PRESERVED FOOD TRADING CO. L.L.C Company, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, sells food products and their requirements to customers wishing to purchase them either through its website or through one of its authorized representatives
All foodstuffs that our company offers to customers are in compliance with the conditions and safety of food and are stored and supplied in accordance with the terms and conditions of dealing with foodstuffs, and the buyer is responsible for the foodstuff that he purchased as soon as he receives it, and our company is not responsible for it.
Replacement and refund for the service:
1- The customer has the right to exchange or refund his money in the event that the food item reaches him
Damaged and he is not entitled to replace it if it arrived with him in good condition because it is a food item
2- The customer has the right to replace the material he purchased before shipping it.
3- The customer has the right to retrieve his money and cancel the purchase order before shipping the food item, and Taiba will return 65% of the money that the customer has paid.
4- In the event that the exported food is outside the United Arab Emirates, ownership of that food item is transferred to the customer and he is responsible for it once the necessary export documents are issued and loaded onto the available means of transport.

5- In cases where products are with machines, machines can be replaced in case of manufacturing malfunction, and if these machines are provided free of charge, they can be replaced in case of malfunction.
In the event that the customer needs any additional inquiries, he must contact us through the contact page or call us at the customer service office in Dubai at the following number/ 0097143116185

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