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be a partner with "taiba farms"®

Import/Export Firms partnership

Businesses are competing at global level. In international business, a company can engage in import or export or both. But being a small and medium size export & import firm is specifically challenging and disadvantageous these days. The scale of services and goods in the foreign market is more demanding than serving the domestic market. In addition to a need of working knowledge of different languages, an awareness of differences in culture and traditions, exchange regulations and trade regulations having the major impact on exporting the goods for these firms. Since communication has evolved in the last decade, customers are interacting more with suppliers domestically and internationally, and voicing out their opinions and demanding top quality products at reasonable prices. All of which has improved the way people purchase goods.

“taiba farms”® believes export & import firms must have a competitive edge. Transparency in the transaction and purchasing of goods can increase your profit margins. If you own a local small or medium import or export firm, you can still grow in these economic uncertain times. “taiba farms”® is giving you an opportunity to turn things around. There are a number of benefits in importing the goods, such as high quality, low prices, and benefits related to the international trade. As an export & import firm you can get much cheaper products from the foreign market due to low labor cost, low taxes etc. in terms of quality, you can also have the higher quality goods and produce the finished goods with high quality and extend the business profit margins. While importing products can help businesses reduce costs, exporting products can ensure increasing sales and sales potential in general. This is where “taiba farms”® comes in. “taiba farms”® is an internationally acclaimed company that manufactures and supplies various food products with guaranteed high-quality specifications and supplies them safely and with simplified and valuable supply processes to meet the nutritional needs of global markets.“taiba farms”® will share the burden with you and guide you so you could significantly expand your markets, leaving you less dependent on any single one. A strong partnership will lead to larger economies of scale and better profit margins.

Where do I start?

All you have to do is contact “taiba farms”® for a quick assessment before you can register.

Here’s what you get for your partnership with “taiba farms”® :

  • You can access “taiba farms”® accumulated knowledge from years of experience in this field. You become eligible to use the authorized “taiba farms”® trademark signature and expand your geographical reach and increase your revenues.
  • As an import and export company, “taiba farms”® will support you in importing or exporting the food products bearing its brand through prior registration of the factories, and slaughterhouses that carry franchises manufacturing of “taiba farms”® in the importing countries. This is done through the food card registration processes for food products in the importing countries before embarking on importing them and facilitating their import and entry. In addition to selling them in the targeted markets.
  • You access “taiba farms”®’s interactive communication channels through which it introduces its products to the final interested consumers and thus helps imported foodstuff companies to sell their products quickly .
  • Simply importing your products and getting help in marketing and selling in your country of origin and other countries so that there is a permanent renewal of your stock to keep the foodstuffs fresh and maintain its quality and flavor. “taiba farms”® supplies its products directly through a global supply chain for wholesalers and distribution and supply companies for foodstuffs in importing countries in simple and safe ways to ensure the delivery of your products in a timely manner and within predefined timetables in line with the requests of the distribution and supply companies.

“taiba farms”® always targets emerging markets quickly and easily to export your products safely and provide them in their seasons as “taiba farms”®concludes agreements with importers, wholesale markets, processing factories, import-export companies and other interested customers in the importing countries.

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