“taiba farms”®

“we create the target, draw the path and motivate our team to travel down that path to reach the target..”


We never compromise on quality. we’re dedicated to using the highest quality poultry, beef meat, agriculture and foodsuff ingredients.

Farms Experts Specialized in poultry, cows, Calves, Sheepraising, agreculture and producing after successfully passing various stages of relevant.

“taiba farms”®


As with protecting poultry, cows, Calves, Sheep health and welfare and producing safe meat and other agrecultur and foodstuff, our company is also looking to the latest science to help improve the environmental performance of our farms.


Production techniques & authentic caring Keeps the taste of the poultry and beef meat and other food products.


Diversity is an essential theme in our company. “taiba farms”® brings diversity to its products depending on the market needs.


Customer satisfaction is the most significant aspect of “taiba farms”®’s operation. We implement and adhere to that.


The flexibility of “taiba farms”® commences from its method of operation.


Supply management is the foundation that makes us sustainable because we match our production to the market demands and needs.


“taiba farms”® food experts and researchers are working to reimagine the possibilities, seeking new ways to make more and better food.

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