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be a partner with "taiba farms"®

Distributors partnership

It is well known in the business world that if you’re trying to get your products out into the world, one of the best and most efficient ways do that is working with a distributor. Whether you own a direct, Indirect or hybrid distribution company, no one can deny that distribution is a cornerstone of the four elements of the marketing mix. Your company has the responsibility of making a product or service available for the consumers around the world. No rain or shine can ever stop the distribution companies from making sure the products are available to customers when needed. Distributors get the product where it needs to be in the most efficient way. They are essential in helping reach markets that manufacturers could not otherwise target.  They also generate significant income quickly and establish excellent customer base. But how are distribution companies expected to grow in these economically challenging circumstances and setbacks? How can they expect to overcome the many obstacles along the way and create a wider distribution channel that can reach new geographic markets and still maintain a top record of delivery performance?

All businesses are working hard to remain competitive while increasing efficiency, even distribution companies. They are trying to do more with the limited resources available. Whether your company focus on drop shipping or specialized distribution, you need a mutually beneficial international partnership. “taiba farms”® manufactures and supplies various food products with guaranteed high-quality specifications and supplies them safely and with simplified and valuable supply processes to meet the nutritional needs of global markets, including poultry products, meat, cheese, milk, and other agricultural products such as agricultural crops, grains and its products, herbs, fresh and canned vegetables, etc. … and all of them bearing its Brand. “taiba farms”®  is a partner worth having if you want your business to prosper. “taiba farms”® understands that you as distributors want to receive compensation for your expertise. We know you have earned it. That’s why a strong, and fair partnership is what we are offering you wherever your distribution company is based in the world.

“taiba farms”® takes a more analytical, collaborative approach to distribution. We examine all distribution data, including detailed sales information for individual regions, products, and customers. This helps us better study and understand the geographic variations you as distributors have.

Even Seasoned distributors can benefit greatly from this partnership. They know the ins and outs of the distribution industry and have a team of sales professionals working to sell the products in a timely manner.

Where do I start?

All you have to do is contact “taiba farms”® for a quick assessment before you can register.

The Distribution Department at “taiba farms”® is concerned with ensuring that the products reach its customers in the most direct and cost-effective manner. We carry out a series of marketing activities which through it ensures that our products reach the customers through a global chain of, transport and distribution channels for foodstuffs around the world, such as export, a wholesale and retail sale for food distribution companies, wholesalers, catering and retail companies, import and export companies … etc.

Here’s what you get for your partnership with “taiba farms”® :

  • You can access “taiba farms”® accumulated knowledge, skills and networks from years of experience in this field. You become eligible to use “taiba farms”® distribution authorization and expand your geographical reach to increase your revenues. It can feel stressful and daunting to expand your business, particularly if you’ve not done it before. In this partnership, we’re in it together.
  • You get access to “taiba farms”® interactive communication channels which introduce through it their products to the interested end consumer and thus help the importing food companies to speed the sale and distribution of the imported product. The distributor is expected to work closely with “taiba farms”® and add value to the product through service level, after-sales care, and customer support services.
  • “taiba farms”® supplies its products directly through a global supply chain for wholesalers and distribution and supply companies for foodstuffs in the importing countries in simple and safe ways to ensure the delivery of its products in a timely manner and within predefined timetables in line with the requests of the distribution and supply companies. Simply partnering with “taiba farms”® you are guaranteed that you will partner with a company that has well-established connections with the local retailers you’re trying to access.

“taiba farms”® always targets emerging markets quickly and easily to export your products safely and provide them in their seasons as “taiba farms”® has solid agreements with importers, wholesale markets, processing factories, import-export companies, distribution channels and other interested customers in the importing countries.

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