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be a partner with "taiba farms"®

Slaughterhouses partnership

No one can deny that slaughterhouses are a crucial element along the food production chain. They give us fresh, clean meat. Whether they are slaughterhouses for goats, cows, sheep, poultry, or even fish. Their role is essential. Some of them ship whole graded carcasses to retail markets, others perform some on-site processing to produce retail cuts. In these facilities, the cutting and deboning are done. In addition to sometimes providing meat processing such as grinding, mixing with additives, curing, pickling, smoking, cooking, and canning.

Whether you own a  simple slaughterhouse, complex slaughterhouse, a low-processing packinghouse, or a high-processing slaughterhouse, “taiba farms”® is offering you a chance to increase your revenues and to grow your business at a local and global level.

Even if you are an owner of a fish slaughter in the distant Arctic region this opportunity is for you as well. If you specialize in Atlantic and Pacific Salmon found in Russia, or Trout fisheries. and you are not sure how you can deliver your products to the international market, “taiba farms”® has the solution to your dilemma.

An essential condition for successful slaughterhouse operations is a guaranteed supply of animals.“taiba farms”® can connect you to livestock farms. In addition to connecting you to factories and companies to ensure that your products resulting from the slaughtering of livestock and the by-products are delivered to customers around the world.

How does this partnership work?

“taiba farms”® enters into partnership agreements in the form of a franchise to manufacture its brand in slaughterhouses (slaughterhouses of meat, poultry, and meat cutting factories) to provide the global market needs of high-quality meat and poultry that conform to international standards.

where do I start?

All you have to do is contact “taiba farms”® for a quick assessment before you can register.

Here’s what you get for your partnership with “taiba farms”® :

  • “taiba farms”® provides you with good Farms advice and guidance and helps your slaughterhouse or meat cutting factory to register and license your slaughterhouses and factories in the countries Imported before starting to export in accordance with the conditions and specifications of the importing country for different types of meat.
  • “taiba farms”® will provide your slaughterhouses with filling and packaging instructions and the product specifications that commensurate with the needs of the imported market and defines the products under our brand and guides on the conditions for manufacturing these products and their specifications if needed.
  • “taiba farms”® will advise you on the conditions for registration and licensing in the country of origin and in the importing country and the methods of exporting it to the buyers and those importing countries that are interested.
  • “taiba farms”® will provide your slaughterhouses with advice and studies on geographical and demographic markets and the purchasing habits of the targeted markets in the importing country and facilitate the production and sale operations to deliver high-quality registered meat to customers and consumers in the imported markets.
  • “taiba farms”® will share with your slaughterhouse interactive communication channels through which it introduces its products to the final interested consumer and helps imported foodstuff companies for their products to quickly sell the imported product.

“taiba farms”® always targets emerging markets quickly and easily to export your products safely and provide them in their seasons as “taiba farms”® supplies its products directly through a global supply chain for wholesalers and distribution and supply companies for foodstuffs in importing countries in simple and safe ways to ensure the delivery of their products in a timely manner and within predefined timetables in line with the requests of the distribution and supply companies. Simply importing their products and assisting them in the marketing and sales operations in their countries so that there is a permanent renewal of their stock to keep the foodstuffs, meat, and their products fresh and maintain their quality and flavor and the distribution management includes a variety of activities and specialties including detailed logistics services, transportation, storage, and inventory management in addition to managing distribution channels Including channel member selection and distributor motivation.

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