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be a partner with "taiba farms"®

Agricultural cooperatives partnership

Agricultural cooperatives are the sensible choice for farmers in these rapidly changing global economic environments.  They are created to support and enable the farmers to survive in and adapt to a competitive market atmosphere. But never has it been this challenging to gain better access to resources, leverage better marketing, and business opportunities than these times. It is simply too expensive for small-scale farmers to distribute their natural products on their own. Cooperatives can support farmers to achieve better financial outcomes which could help enhance their economic opportunities.

Cooperatives empower local farmers to improve their quality of life. At “taiba farms”® we recognize your major role and responsibility in facilitating new opportunities for the local farmers so they can improve their livelihoods and generate a bigger income. Whether you are a Marketing Cooperative, Farm Supply Cooperative, or Service Cooperative, we want to form a partnership with you. At “taiba farms”® we have one of the largest distribution networks around the world. We have developed international agricultural supply chains, no matter where you are in the world we can help you locally and globally. At “taiba farms”® we value hard work and honesty.  Economic empowerment of the small-scale farmer is our mutual goal. “taiba farms”®  will work side by side with you to open new opportunities for your local farmers.  What are you waiting for?

How does this partnership work?

By adding our well-known brand name to your agricultural product, whether it is crops, live animal products, or meat and poultry products, you expand your geographical reach. We deliver the products from the producing farms or agricultural or food factories in the country of origin to the most significant markets to deliver it to the final consumer. No need for any complicated channels. We can be the bridge between your products and the global market.

“taiba farms”® will share the burden with you and guide you to meet the rising demand for more agricultural products of higher quality. Invest in this partnership and gain a new perspective. “taiba farms”® concludes agreements with agricultural cooperatives, agricultural trade associations, and others in the country of origin to add market value to the agricultural product under its brand through its marketing channels that target modern food production companies, food distribution companies, and agricultural products or the final consumer in various parts of the world.

Where do I start?

All you have to do is contact “taiba farms”® for a quick assessment before you can register.

Here’s what you get for your partnership with “taiba farms”® :

  • You can access “taiba farms”® accumulated knowledge from years of experience in this field. You become eligible to use the authorized “taiba farms”® trademark signature and expand your geographical reach and increase your revenues.
  • “taiba farms”® will provide your cooperative with filling and packaging instructions and the product specifications that commensurate with the needs of the imported market and defines agricultural products under its brand and guidance on the conditions for manufacturing these products and their specifications if needed.
  • “taiba farms”® will advise you on the conditions for its registration and licensing in the country of origin and in the importing country and the methods of exporting it to the buyers and those importing countries that are interested.

“taiba farms”® always targets emerging markets quickly and easily to export your products safely and provide them in their seasons as “taiba farms”® has solid agreements with importers, wholesale markets, processing factories, import-export companies, and other interested customers in the importing countries.

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