How to Use the export system

  • This export system we had to develop it for the new customers who want to import products from out their region, and for our clients who want to re-import the same products.
  • The system will give you at the end the quotation and the contract.
  • You will see all the products that are available in the factories and stores in our company, you will have different products origins and brands.
  • And for your import satisfaction! we have put for you a basket of trusted brands with “taiba farms”® to have more choices.
  • You can visit this system at any time you want, and place the order of the product you want.
  • We always update the prices.
  • You can see the product specification, shipment specifications, export documents attached with the consignment, and registration methods of the products.
    All that you have to do is:
  • Choose the products category on this page, then you will have access to the form of the category export, and follow the steps.  
    1- Fill up the information of your company as its written in your trade license.
    2- Choose the products and the brand.
    3- Read the terms and conditions.
    4. Choose the quantity.
    5- See the end results.
    6- Submit the form.
    7- After submitting: you will immediately receive the contract, and the quotation.
    8- After you receive the quotation & the export contract, the system will tell you what is the next step.
    9- We advise you: to be patient while reading because there are more than 400 products, and a lot of information.
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