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There are many delicious fresh vegetables and fruits. Taiba farms have fresh vegetables from UAE. You can find all the fresh vegetables you desire from our company.  You can order anything you want from a selection of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, canned vegetables, and frozen vegetables from UAE and places outside UAE like Brazil. We also offer vegetables from Egypt, Italy,  China, and Syria, and many other cities. Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs; milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt and other milk products; oils and fats for food.

You can order grocery and food from our online grocery store in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi.


Abu Hail, Al Awir First, Al Awir Second, Aleyas, Al Bada’a, Al Baraha, Al Barsha First, Al Barsha Second, Al Barsha Third, Al Barsha South First, Al Barsha South Second, Al Barsha South Third, Al Barsha South Fourth, Al Barsha South Fifth, Al Buteen, Al Corniche, Al Dhagaya, Al Fagaa, Al Garhoud, Al Hamriya, Dubai, Al Hamriya Port, Al Hathmah, Al Hebiah First, Al Hebiah Fourth, Al Hebiah Fifth, Al Hebiah Second, Al Hebiah Sixth, Al Hebiah Third, Al Hudaiba, Al Jaddaf, Al Jafiliya, Al Karama, Al Khabisi, Al Khawaneej First, Al Khawaneej Second, Al Kifaf, Al Mamzar, Al Manara, Al Mankhool, Al Merkad, Al Mina, Al Mizhar First, Al Mizhar Second, Al Muraqqabat, Al Murar, Al Mushrif,  Al Muteena, Al Nahda First, Al Nahda Second, Al Nasr, Dubai, Al Quoz First, Al Quoz Industrial First, Al Quoz Industrial Fourth, Al Quoz Industrial Second, Al Quoz Industrial Third, Al Quoz Second, Al Quoz Third, Al Quoz Fourth, Al Qusais First, Al Qusais Industrial Fifth, Al Qusais Industrial First, Al Qusais Industrial Fourth, Al Qusais Industrial Second, Al Qusais Industrial Third, Al Qusais Second, Al Qusais Third, Al Raffa, Al Ras, Al Rashidiya, Al Rigga, Al Sabkha, Al Safa First, Al Safa Second, Al Safouh First, Al Safouh Second, Al Satwa, Al Shindagha, Al Souq Al Kabeer, Al Twar First, Al Twar Second, Al Twar Third, Al Warqa’a Fifth, Al Warqa’a First, Al Warqa’a Fourth, Al Warqa’a Second, Al Warqa’a Third, Al Wasl, Al Waheda, Ayal Nasir, Business Bay, Bu Kadra, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Investment Park First, Dubai Investment Park Second, Emirates Hill First, Emirates Hill Second, Emirates Hill Third, Enkhali, Hatta, Hor Al Anz, Hor Al Anz East, Jebel Ali 1, Jebel Ali 2, Jebel Ali Industrial, Jebel Ali Palm, Jumeira First, Palm Jumeira, Jumeira Second, Jumeira Third, Marsa Dubai, Mirdif, Muhaisanah Fourth, Muhaisanah Second, Muhaisanah Third, Muhaisnah First, Nad Al Hammar, Nadd Al Shiba Fourth, Nadd Al Shiba Second, Nadd Al Shiba Third, Nad Shamma, Naif, Port Saeed, Arabian Ranches, Oud Al Muteena Third, Ras Al Khor, Ras Al Khor Industrial First, Ras Al Khor Industrial Second, Ras Al Khor Industrial Third, Rigga Al Buteen, Trade Centre 1, Trade Centre 2, Umm Al Sheif, Umm Hurair First, Umm Hurair Second, Umm Ramool, Umm Suqeim First, Umm Suqeim Second, Umm Suqeim Third, Wadi Alamardi, Warsan First, Warsan Second, Yaraah, Za’abeel First, Za’abeel Second, Margham, Umm Nahad First, Umm Nahad Second, Umm Nahad Third, Umm Nahad Fourth, Saih Al-Dahal, Saih Al Salam, Al Lisaili, Lehbab First.


Rolla Square,Bank Street,Al Hisn Sharjah,Smile You’re In Sharjah’ Roundabout,Gold Souq, Mahattah Fort, Heritage District, Al Qasba Canal.

Abu Dhabi:

Abu al Abyad, Al-Aryam Island, Al-Bahiyah, Al-Shahamah, Al-Wathbah, Bani Yas City, Ghantoot, Halat al Bahrani, Jubail Island, Khalifa Port, Masdar City, Mina’ Zayed, Mussafah, Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, Madinat Zayed, Ghayathi, Ghuwaifat, Habshan, Liwa Oasis, Marawah Island, Ruwais, Sila, Sir Bani Yas, Al Ain City, Al-Faqa’, Al-Hayer, Al-Qu’a, Al-Shwaib, Al-Wagan, Al-Yahar, Mezyad, Nahil, Remah, Sa’ah, Sweihan.

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poultry and game:

Chicken, fresh poultry meat, poultry- not live, chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken stock, chicken wings, chicken breast fillets, chicken burger patties.

Turkey: turkey, turkey bacon, turkey sausages, turkey burger patties.

Meat: meat, baked meat, canned meat, cooked meat, dried meat, fresh meat, fried meat, frozen meat, luncheon meat, meat prepared, meat preserved, meat processed, meat stock, meat substitutes, canned meat or fish, canned cooked meat, fresh poultry meat, insect-based meat substitutes, meat-based food, meat broth concentrates, meat burger patties, meatpoultry and game, processed meat products, ribs [cut of meat], insect larvae based meat substitutes, meat- fish- poultry and game, canned meat- fish- vegetables and fruits, meat-, fish-, fruit- or vegetable-based food , desserts,  consisting primarily of meat-, fish-, poultry- or vegetables, entrées consisting primarily of meat, fish, poultry or vegetables, frozen meals consisting primarily of meat, fish, poultry or vegetables.

Beef: beef bouillon, beef fats, beef jerky, beef patties, beef products, beef slices, beef stew, beef stock, beef undercut, dried beef, prepared beef, roast beef, beef burger patties, beef tallow for food.

Fish: canned fish, cured fish, dried fish, cured meat, fish croquettes, fish fillet, fish preserved, fish processed, fish sausages, fish steak, fish stock, frozen fish, salted fish, smoked fish, tinned fish, bottled fish products, canned fish products, fish burger patties, fish-not live, fish roe, prepared, fish roe, processed, frozen cooked fish, processed fish products, processed fish roe, smoked fish products, edible fish oils for culinary purposesm, edible oils derived from fish [other than cod liver oil]

Tuna: canned tuna, tuna not live, canned salmon, cured salmon, salmon croquettes smoked salmon, prepared sea salmon roe, salmon-not live, sea salmon roe- prepared, canned sardines, tinned sardines, sardines-not live, dried shrimps shrimp paste, shrimps-not live.


eggs, processed egg, whites’ egg, egg yolks, hen eggs, liquid eggs, powdered eggs quail eggs, egg products, poultry eggs and egg products, Milk: milk, milk and milk products, cow’s milk, evaporated milk, goat milk, soya milk, goat’s milk cheese, milk-beverages, vitamin-enriched milk cheese, butter, yoghurt, desserts made from milk products, desserts made from milk substitutes, yoghurt based on milk substitutes, dairy products based on milk substitutes, milkbased beverages containing fruit juice, soya-based, beverages used as milk substitutes.

Yoghurt: yoghurt drinks, drinks based on yogurt, lactic acid bacteria drinks yoghurt beverages, desserts made from yoghurt, non-dairy yoghurts.

Cheese: cheese, blended cheese, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, cheese dips, cheese fondue, cheese powder, cheese substitutes, cream cheese, feta cheese, goat cheese, processed cheese, sheep cheese, cheese containing herbs, cheese containing spices, Halloumi cheese.

Oil: canola oil, cooking oil, corn oil, maize oil, oils for food, rape oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil, spiced oils, sunflower oil, animal oils for culinary purposes, animal oils for food, blended vegetable oils, coconut oil for food, corn oil for food, edible oils and fats, hardened oils for food, hydrogenated oils for food, olive oil dips, olive oil for cooking, olive oil for culinary purposes, olive oil for food, palm oil for culinary purposes, rapeseed oil for food, blended vegetable oils for culinary purposes.

Fat: edible fats, fats for food, animal fats for food, whale fat for food, ghee.

Nuts: prepared pulses and nuts for human consumption, processed nuts, dehydrated fruit or raisins, processed sesame seeds, tahini [sesame seed paste],

Potatoes: fried potatoes, potatoes processed, frozen potato fries, potato-based snack foods, Vegetables: bottled vegetables, canned vegetables, cooked vegetables, cut vegetables, dried vegetables, frozen vegetables, grilled vegetables, , pickled vegetables, prepared vegetables, preserved vegetables, processed vegetables, vegetable jellies, cooked fruit and vegetables,dried fruit and vegetables, frozen fruits and vegetables, vegetable burger patties.

Fruits: bottled fruits, candied fruits, cooked fruits, cut fruits, dried fruits, frosted fruits frozen fruits, fruit jams, fruit jellies, fruit paste.

Jams: jellies, jams, Strawberry jam, rose jam, apricot jam.

Pickles: turnip pickles, beetroot pickles, cucumber pickles, Italian pickles.

Syrian Makdous, Syrian cheese, Syrian olives, types of nabulsi cheese.

Palestinian thyme, Aleppo thyme, Jordanian thyme, Palestinian and Syrian olive oil, Jordanian olive oil, adobe labneh, mortadella with olives, spicy mortadella, pepper mortadella, Turkish mortadella, hotdog, beef hotdog, smoked beef, smoked chicken, jalapeno Mexican.

Fresh zucchini, canned zucchini, frozen zucchini, fresh tomato, canned tomato, fresh onion, fresh mushroom, canned mushroom, fresh cucumber, fresh lettuce, fresh scarcely, fresh parsley.

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