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Taiba manufactures, prepares, and supplies all food products of various types such as entrees, appetizers, sweets, fresh products, poultry products, meat, cheese, milk, and other agricultural products such as grains, fresh vegetables, and canned vegetables.

The Taiba Company is distinguished by the quality of its food products, which meet international quality standards. It is famous for providing the most delicious meals with irresistible flavors. You can distinguish our food from others because we add distinctive flavors to each of our food products.

Not only that, but we also present and package our products attractively by using the latest packaging equipment and technology. We use a variety of packaging materials suited to each specific type of food product we pack as the company seeks to offer products of the best quality and efficient packaging.

In addition, the ability to order online gives you many different options in case you are hesitant to order a specific meal and want to know more about the menu, which is continually updated, or desire to see the description, ingredients, and price of each meal.

We have an excellent food delivery service where we deliver to you fresh and hot so that you can enjoy a ready-to-eat meal with an indescribably great taste.

Our restaurants serve you around the clock 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about ordering food anymore. If you want to prepare a nice evening with family and friends, you will be able to order food online and have it delivered at any time and from anywhere.

You can order food online home delivery and fast delivery from our best quality restaurants in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi.


Abu Hail, Al Awir First, Al Awir Second, Aleyas, Al Bada’a, Al Baraha, Al Barsha First, Al Barsha Second, Al Barsha Third, Al Barsha South First, Al Barsha South Second, Al Barsha South Third, Al Barsha South Fourth, Al Barsha South Fifth, Al Buteen, Al Corniche, Al Dhagaya, Al Fagaa, Al Garhoud, Al Hamriya, Dubai, Al Hamriya Port, Al Hathmah, Al Hebiah First, Al Hebiah Fourth, Al Hebiah Fifth, Al Hebiah Second, Al Hebiah Sixth, Al Hebiah Third, Al Hudaiba, Al Jaddaf, Al Jafiliya, Al Karama, Al Khabisi, Al Khawaneej First, Al Khawaneej Second, Al Kifaf, Al Mamzar, Al Manara, Al Mankhool, Al Merkad, Al Mina, Al Mizhar First, Al Mizhar Second, Al Muraqqabat, Al Murar, Al MushrifAl Muteena, Al Nahda First, Al Nahda Second, Al Nasr, Dubai, Al Quoz First, Al Quoz Industrial First, Al Quoz Industrial Fourth, Al Quoz Industrial Second, Al Quoz Industrial Third, Al Quoz Second, Al Quoz Third, Al Quoz Fourth, Al Qusais First, Al Qusais Industrial Fifth, Al Qusais Industrial First, Al Qusais Industrial Fourth, Al Qusais Industrial Second, Al Qusais Industrial Third, Al Qusais Second, Al Qusais Third, Al Raffa, Al Ras, Al Rashidiya, Al Rigga, Al Sabkha, Al Safa First, Al Safa Second, Al Safouh First, Al Safouh Second, Al Satwa, Al Shindagha, Al Souq Al Kabeer, Al Twar First, Al Twar Second, Al Twar Third, Al Warqa’a Fifth, Al Warqa’a First, Al Warqa’a Fourth, Al Warqa’a Second, Al Warqa’a Third, Al Wasl, Al Waheda, Ayal Nasir, Business Bay, Bu Kadra, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Investment Park First, Dubai Investment Park Second, Emirates Hill First, Emirates Hill Second, Emirates Hill Third, Enkhali, Hatta, Hor Al Anz, Hor Al Anz East, Jebel Ali 1, Jebel Ali 2, Jebel Ali Industrial, Jebel Ali Palm, Jumeira First, Palm Jumeira, Jumeira Second, Jumeira Third, Marsa Dubai, Mirdif, Muhaisanah Fourth, Muhaisanah Second, Muhaisanah Third, Muhaisnah First, Nad Al Hammar, Nadd Al Shiba Fourth, Nadd Al Shiba Second, Nadd Al Shiba Third, Nad Shamma, Naif, Port Saeed, Arabian Ranches, Oud Al Muteena Third, Ras Al Khor, Ras Al Khor Industrial First, Ras Al Khor Industrial Second, Ras Al Khor Industrial Third, Rigga Al Buteen, Trade Centre 1, Trade Centre 2, Umm Al Sheif, Umm Hurair First, Umm Hurair Second, Umm Ramool, Umm Suqeim First, Umm Suqeim Second, Umm Suqeim Third, Wadi Alamardi, Warsan First, Warsan Second, Yaraah, Za’abeel First, Za’abeel Second, Margham, Umm Nahad First, Umm Nahad Second, Umm Nahad Third, Umm Nahad Fourth, Saih Al-Dahal, Saih Al Salam, Al Lisaili, Lehbab First.


Rolla Square,Bank Street,Al Hisn Sharjah,Smile You’re In Sharjah’ Roundabout,Gold Souq, Mahattah Fort, Heritage District, Al Qasba Canal.

Abu Dhabi

Abu al Abyad, Al-Aryam Island, Al-Bahiyah, Al-Shahamah, Al-Wathbah, Bani Yas City, Ghantoot, Halat al Bahrani, Jubail Island, Khalifa Port, Masdar City, Mina’ Zayed, Mussafah, Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, Madinat Zayed, Ghayathi, Ghuwaifat, Habshan, Liwa Oasis, Marawah Island, Ruwais, Sila, Sir Bani Yas, Al Ain City, Al-Faqa’, Al-Hayer, Al-Qu’a, Al-Shwaib, Al-Wagan, Al-Yahar, Mezyad, Nahil, Remah, Sa’ah, Sweihan.

You can order foods platers and dishes home delivery online delivery from our best restaurant. See our food menu.

Arabic Salad, Baba Ghanoush, Beet moutabel, Cheese Sambosek 4 pieces, Fatteh with chicken, Fattet Makdous, Fattoush, Fresh kishkeh, Fried kibbeh, Fries, Hummus, Hummus with meat, Lentil soup, Meat Sambosek 4 pieces, Moutabal, Musakhan roll, Mushroom Soup, Pickled cucumber, Pickled Turnips, Raw kibbeh, Roka salad, Regular Tabouleh, Quinoa Tabouleh, Yalanji, Cheese Fatayer large, Cheese fatayer small, Hotdog, Kashkawan large, Kashkawan small, Meat (Large), Meat (small), Mjarmasheh ajeen 1KG, Mjarmasheh ajeen 1/2KG, Mjarmasheh ajeen meal, Mohamarah large, Mohamarah small, Mohamarah Kashkawan large, Mohamarah Kashkawan Small, Mortadela large, Mortadela small, Pizza Large, Pizza small, Sfeeha dibs 1KG (32 pieces), Sfeeha dibs 1/2KG (16 pieces), Sfeeha dibs meal (8 pieces), Sfeeha tomato 1KG (32 pieces), Sfeeha tomato 1/2 KG (16 pieces), Sfeeha tomato meal (8 pieces), Sharhaat ajeen, Sheesh ajeen (6 pieces), Spinach Fatayer meal (10 pieces), Zaatar large, Zaatar small, Basha w asakroh, Broad beans with olive oil, Broad beans with rice, Bulgur with tomato, Chicken and Rice, Chicken biryani, Chicken Escalopes, Chicken Kabsah, Fajita with rice, Fatet Sejaat, Freekeh Chicken, Freekeh meat, Fried Vegetables, Green beans with olive oil, Grilled chicken with vegetables, Grilled fish, Grilled Kibbeh, Hara Esbao, Kawaj with rice, Kidney beans, kebab hindi, Kibbeh belsainieh, Kibeh labanieh, Kofta with tahini, Kofta with tomato, Lamb Ozy, Macaroni with béchamel, Maglobeh, Maldoum with rice, Mansaf, Meat and rice, Meat with yogurt, Mlokhieh, Mnazaleh baitenjan, Mofarakeh Marrow (Zucchini), Mosakhan, Mujadarah, Mushroom and meat, Okra with rice, Ozy, Peas and rice, Peas and Carrots, Peas with rice, Rice, Sharhat, Sheep liver, Shishberak, Smoked Rice, Spinach with meat, Spinach with olive oil, Stuffed cabbage, Stuffed chicken, Stuffed lamb, Stuffed marrow (zucchini), Stuffed marrow with yogurt, Sujaat, Tabakh Roho, Yabraa with chops, Yabraa with marrow, Yakhneh Burgul, Kibeh large (20 pieces), Kibeh small (20 pieces), Sambosek cheese frozen (20 pieces), Sambosek meat frozen (20 pieces), Shishberak pc (40 pieces), Yabrak large, Yabrak small, Arayes 1/2KG, Arayes 1KG, Arayes (meal) , Cubes (1/2 KG), Cubes (1KG), Cubes (meal), Grilled Chicken ½, Grilled chicken Full, Kabab (½ KG), Kabab (1 KG), Kabab (meal), Mix Grill (1/2 KG), Mix Grill (1 KG), Mix Grill (meal), Shish tawook 1/2KG, Shish tawook 1 KG, Shish tawook (meal), Frikeh Chicken 10 people, Frikeh Chicken 15 people, Frikeh Chicken 20 people, Frikeh Chicken 5 people, Frikeh Meat 10 people, Frikeh Meat 15 people, Frikeh Meat 20 people, Frikeh Meat 5 people, Kabsah Chicken Mansaf 10 people, Kabsah Chicken Mansaf 15 people, Kabsah Chicken Mansaf 20 people, Kabsah Chicken Mansaf 5 people, Kabsah Meat Mansaf 10 people, Kabsah Chicken Mansaf 15 people, Kabsah Chicken Mansaf 20 people, Kabsah Chicken Mansaf 5 people, Kharof Mehshi 10 people, Kharof Mehshi 20 people, Kharof Mehshi 15 people, Kharof Mehshi 5 people, Peas Rice 10 people, Peas Rice 20 people, Peas Rice 15 people, Peas Rice 5 people, Yabrak Mansaf 10 people, Yabrak Mansaf 20 people, Yabrak Mansaf 15 people, Yabrak Mansaf 5 people, Yabrak w kosa mansaf 10 people, Yabrak w kosa mansaf 20 people, Yabrak w kosa mansaf 15 people, Yabrak w kosa mansaf 5 people, Balozah, Rice Pudding, Sokseh, Grills    & Barbeque, Pizza, Kebab, kofta, BBq, Chicken, Biryani, Biryany, Shawarma, Burger, Beef burger, chicken burger, vegetarian burger, Kebab, kofta, BBq, Kebab Chicken, Kebab Lamb, Meatballs, Chicken Meatballs, beef Meatballs, lamb Meatballs, Mandi, Mandy, Mazbi, Mazby, Pasta, Steaks, Beef steaks , Dishes, Foods, appetizer, Salads, Meals, platters, Grills    & Barbeque


Taiba satisfies everyone’s taste. It has multiple kitchens. In these kitchens, different dishes are made from different countries in order to offer you a different and distinctive taste. We offer:

Lebanese Grills   & Barbeque, Afghan Grills   & Barbeque, Pakistani Grills   & Barbeque, Indian Grills   & Barbeque, Chinese Grills   & Barbeque, Palestinian Grills   & Barbeque, Moroccan Grills   & Barbeque, Italian Grills   & Barbeque, Russian Grills   & Barbeque, Ukrainian Grills   & Barbeque, American Grills   & Barbeque, Mexican Grills   & Barbeque, Brazilian Grills   & Barbeque, Iraqi Grills   & Barbeque, Syria Grills   & Barbeque, Saudi Arabia Grills   & Barbeque.

 Italian Pizza, American Pizza.

Lebanese Kebab, Lebanese kofta, Lebanese BBq, Lebanese Chicken, Afghan Kebab, Afghan kofta, Afghan BBq, Afghan Chicken, Pakistani Kebab, Pakistani kofta, Pakistani BBq, Pakistani Chicken, Indian Kebab, Indian kofta, Indian BBq, Indian Chicken, Chinese Kebab, Chinese kofta, Chinese BBq, Chinese Chicken, Palestinian Kebab, Palestinian kofta, Palestinian BBq, Palestinian Chicken, Moroccan Kebab, Moroccan kofta, Moroccan BBq, Moroccan Chicken, Italian Kebab, Italian kofta, Italian BBq, Italian Chicken, Russian Kebab, Russian kofta, Russian BBq, Russian Chicken, Ukrainian Kebab, Ukrainian kofta, Ukrainian BBq, Ukrainian Chicken, American Kebab, American kofta, American BBq, American Chicken, Mexican Kebab, Mexican kofta, Mexican BBq, Mexican Chicken, Brazilian Kebab, Brazilian kofta, Brazilian BBq, Brazilian Chicken, Iraqi Kebab, Iraqi kofta, Iraqi BBq, Iraqi Chicken, Syrian Kebab, Syrian kofta, Syrian BBq, Syrian Chicken, Saudi Arabia Kebab, Saudi Arabia kofta, Saudi Arabia BBq, Saudi Arabia Chicken.

 Indian Biryani, Indian Biryany, Pakistani Biryani, Pakistani Biryany.

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 Lebanese Kebab Chicken, Lebanese Kebab Lamb, Lebanese Meatballs, Lebanese Chicken Meatballs, Lebanese beef Meatballs, Lebanese lamb Meatballs, Afghan Kebab Chicken, Afghan Kebab Lamb, Afghan Meatballs, Afghan Chicken Meatballs, Afghan beef Meatballs, Afghan lamb Meatballs, Pakistani Kebab Chicken, Pakistani Kebab Lamb, Pakistani Meatballs, Pakistani Chicken Meatballs, Pakistani beef Meatballs, Pakistani lamb Meatballs, Indian Kebab Chicken, Indian Kebab Lamb, Indian Meatballs, Indian Chicken Meatballs, Indian beef Meatballs, Indian lamb Meatballs, Chinese Kebab Chicken, Chinese Kebab Lamb, Chinese Meatballs, Chinese Chicken Meatballs, Chinese beef Meatballs, Chinese lamb Meatballs, Palestinian Kebab Chicken, Palestinian Kebab Lamb, Palestinian Meatballs, Palestinian Chicken Meatballs, Palestinian beef Meatballs, Palestinian lamb Meatballs, Moroccan Kebab Chicken, Moroccan Kebab Lamb, Moroccan Meatballs, Moroccan Chicken Meatballs, Moroccan beef Meatballs, Moroccan lamb Meatballs, Italian Kebab Chicken, Italian Kebab Lamb, Italian Meatballs, Italian Chicken Meatballs, Italian beef Meatballs, Italian lamb Meatballs, Russian Kebab Chicken, Russian Kebab Lamb, Russian Meatballs, Russian Chicken Meatballs, Russian beef Meatballs, Russian lamb Meatballs, Ukrainian Kebab Chicken, Ukrainian Kebab Lamb, Ukrainian Meatballs, Ukrainian Chicken Meatballs, Ukrainian beef Meatballs, Ukrainian lamb Meatballs, American Kebab Chicken, American Kebab Lamb, American Meatballs, American Chicken Meatballs, American beef Meatballs, American lamb Meatballs, Mexican Kebab Chicken, Mexican Kebab Lamb, Mexican Meatballs, Mexican Chicken Meatballs, Mexican beef Meatballs, Mexican lamb Meatballs, Brazilian Kebab Chicken, Brazilian Kebab Lamb, Brazilian Meatballs, Brazilian Chicken Meatballs, Brazilian beef Meatballs, Brazilian lamb Meatballs, Iraqi Kebab Chicken, Iraqi Kebab Lamb, Iraqi Meatballs, Iraqi Chicken Meatballs, Iraqi beef Meatballs, Iraqi lamb Meatballs, Syrian Kebab Chicken, Syrian Kebab Lamb, Syrian Meatballs, Syrian Chicken Meatballs, Syrian beef Meatballs, Syrian lamb Meatballs, Saudi Arabia Kebab Chicken, Saudi Arabia Kebab Lamb, Saudi Arabia Meatballs, Saudi Arabia Chicken Meatballs, Saudi Arabia beef Meatballs, Saudi Arabia lamb Meatballs, Order online Kebab, Order online kofta, Order online BBq, Order online Kebab Chicken, Order online Kebab Lamb, Order online Meatballs, Order online Chicken Meatballs, Order online beef Meatballs, Order online lamb Meatballs, Home delivery Kebab, Home delivery kofta, Home delivery BBq, , Home delivery Kebab Chicken, Home delivery Kebab Lamb, Home delivery Meatballs, Home delivery Chicken Meatballs, Home delivery beef Meatballs, Home delivery lamb Meatballs, The best Kebab, The best kofta, The best BBq, , The best Kebab Chicken, The best Kebab Lamb, The best Meatballs, The best Chicken Meatballs, The best beef Meatballs, The best lamb Meatballs, Top quality Kebab, Top quality kofta, Top quality BBq, Top quality Kebab Chicken, Top quality Kebab Lamb, Top quality Meatballs, Top quality Chicken Meatballs, Top quality beef Meatballs, Top quality lamb Meatballs.

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