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Australian Beef Flat Iron (Oyster Blade) Steak Chilled “1 Kg”


Contains: “1 Kg” Australian Beef Flat Iron (Oyster Blade) Steak Chilled

Australian Beef Flat: It is the Bottom Round (Flat) Largest section of the full Bottom Round that is separated from the Heel and can be cut into Bottom Round Roasts or Steaks. Lean and benefits from tenderization. Home to lean, inexpensive cuts that come from the rump and hind legs. The muscles in this area are used for movement, so the beef is leaner and less tender. Often sold as roasts, steaks for marinating or Ground Beef. Cuts from this subsection include: Bottom Round Roast, Bottom Round Steak, Bottom Round Rump Roast, Western Steak, and Western Tip Steak.

Bottom Round Roast is a cut of meat that is of great value and very lean. Best for roasting or slow-cooking and slicing thin. Bottom Round Steak is a good everyday cut, boneless and lean. Marinate and broil or grill and slice thin. The Bottom Round Rump Roast is boneless and lean and best for slow-cooking. Western Steak is a lean cut which is best tenderized with a marinade before cooking. Grill or broil then slice thin. Western Tip Steak is a lean, boneless cut that’s great for everyday meals and benefits from a marinade before grilling.

Contains: “1 Kg” Australian Beef Flat Iron (Oyster Blade) Steak Chilled


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