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Australian Beef Shoulder Boneless Chilled “1 Kg”


Contains: “1 Kg” Australian Beef Shoulder Boneless Chilled

Australian Beef shoulder: Beef shoulder comes from the forequarter. The beef shoulder or Beef clod is taken from the shoulder (chuck) region of the cow or veal. Beef shoulder or Beef clod is a large muscle system, with some fat that covers the muscles. The beef shoulder or Beef cloud composition is mainly three muscles: the shoulder tender, the top blade, and the clod heart and is one of two chuck sub-primal cuts. It is often divided into its three separate muscle cuts for retail sale. A shoulder tender also called beef shoulder petite tender, beef shoulder tender petite roast, bistro filet. Beef clod, along with beef brisket, is historically the foundation of barbecue, slow smoking. The Shoulder steak is a boneless cut from the area where the clod meets the edge of the pectoral muscle. The main bulk of meat and muscle sits around the shoulder clod. The shoulder steak is much loved for its strong flavor and texture. It is described as coarse and tender with a firm chew. Juicy and tender, it is shaped like the Tenderloin, but is smaller and more affordable. Perfect to grill or broil. The best way to cook shoulder steak is by braising. Braising a cut of beef involves browning the meat in a small amount of fat, adding a liquid like water or broth, then covering the pan and allowing the cooking process to finish over low heat. The beef shoulder cut can be used in multiple ways; grilled, broiled, smoked, sliced, or diced. It serves up many flavorful cuts that balance tenderness and taste in equal measures, and the Shoulder steak is no exception.

Contains: “1 Kg” Australian Beef Shoulder Boneless Chilled


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