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Brazilian Beef Neck “Whole Cut” Boneless Chilled 1.5 Kg


Contains: “1.5 Kg” Brazilian Beef Neck “Whole Cut” Boneless Chilled

Beef Neck: The beef neck comes from the forequarter. As these cuts come from areas of the cow that gets a daily workout, the meat tends to be tougher and chewier unless cooked correctly. It requires a lengthy simmering to become tender. Neck bones are great with green vegetables especially cabbage. They can be baked or boiled. Neck bones have a lot of collagen, which is why they are preferred in making broth. They add body and rich flavor to the broth. Neck bones are rich in vitamins and minerals . In addition to containing a good source of Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B12, Phosphorus, Vitamin B6 and Iron. They are a good source of proteins, that’s why our ancestors considered them soul food.

How to cook beef neck:

Although this is a tough cut of beef, it does not have to be tough to cook. There is one method that stands above the rest though: slow cooking. As with many other cuts of beef, you’re going to get the most out of it when you employ slow braising. The bones and gelatins in the neck are a great addition to any soup or stock. They add a rich, and flavorsome flavor.

Contains: “1.5 Kg” Brazilian Beef Neck “Whole Cut” Boneless Chilled


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