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In the exports of frozen whole chicken and frozen chicken cuts and parts, Brazil keeps, since 2004, its position as largest exporter,
Brazilian frozen chicken has been shipped to more than 150 countries

With this performance, the Brazilian chicken meat increased even its presence on the tables of consumers in Brazil and throughout the world.
in taiba chicken, we deal with the best and high-quality standard of poultry farms and slaughterhouses that keep our standard of chicken raising and slaughtering high quality along with food safety



Global supply Beef meat

Many buyers favour the leaner product raised naturally on Brazil’s premium grasslands, while others may prefer beef that has been fed on high-energy feed over a specified number of days.We can source the heavily marbled beef graded through the Meat Standards Brazil grading system for upmarket restaurants worldwide, we can supply quality packaged product to supermarket chains and bulk commodity shipments for customers in the manufacturing industry.

international reputation

Our company has an international reputation for maintaining the highest standards in food safety and quality, and “taiba farms”® applies this commitment throughout its global operations.

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