Food Industries Training / Food Projects Training

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How to prepare a project study and work plan
AED 13,900 Online course
  • How to prepare the economic feasibility of the project
  • How to implement the economic feasibility that you prepared

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How to compete in the market through
AED 8,400 Online course
  • Pricing strategy
  • Discounts and offers strategy
  • Customer attraction strategy
  • Customer retention strategy
  • Customers' Purchasing habits

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How to import and export products
AED 8,400 Online course
  • Product import steps
  • Steps to choose the right products to trade in the destination country
  • Steps to register products for import
  • Steps to export products

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Get to know and work in the virtual market...... (Online Market)
AED 11,700 Online course
  • Get to know the online market
  • Competition in the online market
  • Continuing to market products online
  • Challenges in Virtual Marketing

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How do you process, handle and sell products
AED 11,700 Online course
  • Process & handle the products
  • Products packaging
  • Product Presentation

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How to manage the project of your selected products
AED 17,500 Online course
  • Reading contracts and preparing for them
  • Staff management
  • supply chain management
  • Managing the various departments of the company and linking them together
  • Project development
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